Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wedding for Khamsiah & Faizal

Ar. Nora, my Architect friend, has ordered these Minicake and some cuppies for her niece - Khamsiah for her special day. We wish them " Selamat Pengantin Baru" and thank you Nora for your orders.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you for your stay ... Aman.

The whole family had recently received a special guest, Rahman, a friend of our son - Harith, have stayed for almost a week. This handsome young man from Trengganu - the Land of beaching Turtles, has cheered us up with his antique - cheerful & with great sense of humor. Before he left, just felt like giving him and family back home some cuppies for a treat. We wish you a happy & safe journey home.

Welcome to Bikini Bottom !!

"Who live in a pineapple under the sea.... SpongeBob Squarepant !
 Absorbent and yellow and porous is he... SpongeBob Squarepant !"
Sorry... Can't stop rhyming the song when i look at this one.

It's SpongeBob again !
Hi, SpongeBob! And hello to you, Patrick! 
One of your fanatic fans, Aqil Najmi had recently called us to make you two a cake with your comical neighbourhood on it. Thank God he didn't ask us to put Squidward Tentacles altogether. Otherwise you both won't be as happy as we can see you on the cake, would you?  Do you like the pineapple we've made for you, SpongeBob? I hope you do. Sorry, Patrick. No house for you. 

P/s: This latest order we received is one of the most demanding of all. Just look at the teeny little Crabby Patty to the 3-dimensional Pineapple house. All these discreet accessories really tax our patience and perseverance. Mdm. Ieza who made the order for her small child had only asked for a simpler cake. Yet our passion for cakes had, and will never allow us to finish it lightheartedly. That was how these cute additional figurings emerge out of sudden. The seaweeds, the two floats, the oysters, the pineapple house itself ( not forgetting the some real shells i'd put together ) will never appear if no  endeavour is to be taken. But we really enjoyed playing with all these fondant figures. This addition to our long list of cake collection is a chocolate cake. Hope you like it! :)

"Prosperity" on a Plate.

Guess it is time to lay some ideas in writing why we named them as Prosperity Cupcakes. What so prosperous about the cupcakes? Nevertheless, The freshly baked cupcakes with the same, old refined manner that i prefer to call them as Prosperity on a Plate. Baking and decorating cakes have and will always been a timeless happiness for me and the family. Most of the time it has been for our customers but these cuppies are meant for the family to enjoy.
So don't just stare at them. Give us a ring and make your order ! We will make something similar or even better for you...