Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CARS @ Radiator Spring

Mr Fazli ordered a layered cake with the theme "Cars" for his 3 year old Aidid Iman. Happy Birthday Aidid. Thanks for the order Fazli.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cupcake, Mini, or Maxi Cake?

How to class this? It is not the normal cupcake nor a mini-cake. A special request by our regular customer Kak Rose. It is for her daughter and it has to be something different ... Here Goes ...

and of course with normal cuppies...

Our Last Collection

These cakes are those baked in October - early November 2011 ...

From RIZA for her nephew Adli.

Just Married Mas & Ajak; custom order from Diana. These are fully fondant cupcakes.

Ms Liew's request - BD cupcakes for Kammy Mama.

Iwa engagement cupcakes. 

A full fondant Mini-cake set ordered by Asiah for her cousin's engagement...

... also a full set of fondant cupcakes! 

Ms Anusia for her daughter's 3rd. BD - TESHNA with a Toy's Story 3 theme