Sunday, December 9, 2012

Durian Crepe ... Anyone?

Durian Crepe has gone viral all over... Just like how you make pancakes, the crepes are filled with durian flesh and custard-whipped cream. The taste? ehm ..., you durian lovers just got to try it ... something new for a change ! You may order them from us while the Durian season is still on ... 

Birthday for Two

It's Adriana's 3rd BD and Aira's 6th BD with Princess' two layered cake for the special event. Happy bestday to both of you little princess ...

Aida's Birthday Cuppies

Ordered by Firdaus for Aida's 26th Birthday.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nabil - Hanisah

Two sets of engagement cupcakes in full fondant for Nabil & Hanisah. Congratulation to both of you for your special day.

We Are BACK!

We're back into our Blog after months of silence. Not that we have not been baking cakes but we were slightly too busy to update our blog. Sorry guys ... here we go again digging into our iPhoto gallery trying to pick up recent photos of cakes we have not uploaded.

These cupcakes were baked on July 2nd for Mr Seng's wife birthday... the Purple Kitten theme.

The following cake & cupcakes are for Ms Liew Yik Yong son's birthday. Buttercream with edible printed image of Matter. Edible image by mutiaraedible.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


The FASTING month of Ramadhan starts on this Saturday 21 July 2012. To all our Muslim customers/viewers we wish you all Ramadhan Kariim. Kindly be informed that we shall not be taking any orders during this month until after EID Mubarak (Raya Eidhul Fitri). We shall resume business as usual after 28 August 2012. We thanked you all for your continuous support and hope to be able to bake you more cakes by then. Thank you again and have a blessed Ramadhan.  --- Salam from Mutiaracupcake.

Damask Fondant Cake

For Diana Datok Khairil's engagement cake.

4 Tiered Wedding Cake

It is a 4 tiered buttercream cake with multiple tastes of Rainbow, Chocolate & Red Velvet. Specially ordered by Ms Alia for her brother's wedding reception at MBSA Banquet Hall. Thank you Alia for the trust in us.

Aiman Safwan & Nurul Aqilah Engagement

Cake ordered by Pn Masni with many thanks.

the TWILIGHT saga

It's Breaking Dawn, Eclipse, New Moon & Twilight.. it's no fantasy.. it's real...
the real TWILIGHT cupcakes for Zarina's birthday. Ordered by IRMA with thanks.
Edible Image by mutiaraedible

Red Velvet Cuppies

A simple designed Red Velvet cupcakes for the treat ... yummy!

Thomas & Friends

A birthday cake for Afnan Hafiy's birthday. Buttercream plus fondant with edible images. It is a Choc-moist cake. Edible image by mutiaraedible

Mater for Yik Yong.

It's a set of Cars' cake & cupcakes with the tow-truck character "Mater" on the main cake. Thank you Mdm Liew for your order and it's for her son's birthday. Many happy returns to Yik Yong! Edible Images by: mutiaraedible

Purple Kitten

Ordered by Mr Seng for his wife's birthday - Purple Kitten cupcakes.
Thank you.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a LIVERPOOL cake

Pn Sara's choice of cake for her husband's birthday. A fully fondant chocolate taste  Liverpool cake! Thank you Pn Sara for your order.

Saniah's Triple Set

These order came from Pn Saniah. She ordered a set of cupcakes for her hubby with FC Theme and three more sets for her students. Thank you Pn Saniah!
Edible Images by MutiaraEdible

A Gift for a Little Girl

Dr. Rosenani's order for a birthday girl. A set of fully fondant cupcakes with a baby theme in pink.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cars 3 Cake

Ordered by Pn Zarina for Iman Zhariff birthday. A fully fondant cake with 3D edible model for the special day. Happy BD to Iman! Thanks Pn Zarina for your order.


It is a BEN 10 & Angry Bird show time cake for Nur Qairunisa (4yrs) & Amirul Adhan (5yrs). Ordered by Puan Liza of e-Rasa restaurant, Shah Alam Seksyen 15.
Edible Image by mutiaraedible.

Cici's 7th Birthday

It is time for Tirmizi (our youngest son nick-named Cici) to celebrate his 7th Birthday. The concept is a simple photo-cake using edible print provided by mutiaraedible.

It's Eir Zara's Birthday...

This special fondant cake was ordered by Zarina for Eir Zara birthday.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 Tiers Cake for A&S

A 3 tiers fully fondant cake for Aishah's & Sofwan's wedding. Simple and elegant. Thank you Aishah.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus?

Jesrin Alan being a fan of Ustaz Azhar has requested this LIKE cake for his son's birthday named Khalish. The cake was meant to be simply white! Shukran Ya Jesrin.

Edible Image by mutiaraedible

Farewell Party Cupcakes

Riza's last day at her office and these cuppies are just part of the whole cupcakes ordered for the party. Thanks Riza.

Edible image by mutiaraedible

Azni's cuppy offering

It's for Birthday Boy Bazli and not to forget her son Iman. Thanks Azni for the order.

Edible image by mutiaraedible.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mujahid - Ain

Birthday treat from Mujahid for his fiancee Ain. His choice is a ruffle cake.

Engagement Package for Izyantie & Fazly

Ordered by Watie on her niece engagement. The package consisted of a fondant pillow cake and fondant cupcakes. Thank you Watie.