Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ilyana's Engagement

The date 26th Dec 2010 marks our niece, Ilyana Iskhandar's engagement. For that we have baked a set of special fondant minicake and cupcake. Also are 3 types of butter creamed cupcakes to given away as door-gift. We wish you "Selamat bertunang dan jangan lupa nasihat ibu-bapa bagi mendapat keberkatan". 

 Dr Iskhandar, Nur Ilyana & Dr Azizah.

The door-gift

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"No flowers please ..."

Countless ... there's the only word we can say when it comes to customer loyalty!
Ms Riza has been ordering from us for almost all her birthday occasions - her family & siblings. This time around she requested something simple ... "no flowers" were her reminders! We came out with this... Hope you like it. And happy birthday to her Sis-in-law.

A wedding cake

Kak Nah ordered this cake for her daughter's wedding. The cupcakes are just compliments from us. Thank you Kak Nah for your order.

"Selamat Bertunang Anas"

It has been a series of engagement cake request this month. This one is for Anas, a member of our jemaah (Surau) who got engaged with Laila, once a teacher at our Islamic Primary School (SERI Nurul Hidayah). To both of you a happy engagement, may Allah bless you both till your marriage.

This is handsome Anas ...

Hi Zorifah ... happy birthday to you!

Well this cake do have some element of Mickey Mouse with those black round ears.
It was an order from our neighbor Ms Suraya for her daughter Zorifa. Selamat hari jadi Zorifah.

Here is cute Zorifah with her BD cake ... yummy!

Kathir & Krishna's Engagement Cuppies

Thanks alot Mdm Pramesh for your interest in ordering from us. We hope the engagement was all well and the cupcakes were well received. To Ms Kathir & Mr Krishna "happy engagement" to both of you. Best wishes from us.

An engagement affair

Hakimah was getting engaged and this cupcakes were meant just for her special day. This order came from Mr Hazlan. Thank you Hazlan. We hope everything went well that day.

Hazwani for HUMAIRAH

It's Humairah's one year birthday. The theme erhh cats? At one time we had a big laugh as the cat seems to look like a tiger? Whatever it was, tigers are cats right? Happy birthday to you little Humairah, thank you Ms Hazwani for your order.

Hey it's RIZA again !

This time round it is Riza's Bestday! Your hubby, Azri, had ordered this special minicake for you ... It's dark brown but cute ...

And as a complement from us @ mutiaracupcake we baked you these cuppies... this is just our way to say thank you for your continuous orders! Many happy returns to you Riza. May Allah bless you.

Struggling to get our internet up!

We have been without our internet for weeks... our modem got busted during the recent thunderstorm and we had been complaining this to TM. As usual they were damp slow in rectifying the problem. Only after more than 18 days it's up and running again. As usual the list of cakes & cupcakes have grown too long and the worse thing is we can't remember which cake belongs to who? Anyway will put in whatever we remember and if the names are incorrect please (my dear customers) tell us, we will correct them....

The first entry is from Ms Riza (our very-very regular customer) for her sister's BD.  This came in as a set of cupcakes and a minicake.

Second was an order from Ms Norazila. She had requested for cupcakes with BUGS as its main theme! It was for her hubby. We really enjoyed this one as it has that "cheerful & colorful feel" into it. The Malay word for it is MERIAH! Thanks Norazila.

Thirdly was from Ms Sofia. She prefered BLUE & WHITE, anything blue goes! It was meant for a wedding gift. Thanks Sofia and here goes ...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ONE Bestday for AELIN

AELIN is celebrating her one year old birthday today 27th Nov. with a One Birthday Cake with Powerpuff Girls' theme and a set of cupcakes. Her sister SHASHA had tagged along with some cuppies too just to lively-up the whole celebration. Thanks to her mother Ms.Syazmin  for ordering these sets of cupcakes and the One Cake. Hope you like them.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cupcakes for door gift

All 400 cupcakes are on queue as part of a door-gift for Lokman's wedding on 27 November. The order came from Nora, my longtime University mate, for her nephew's wedding. Congratulation Lokman on your wedding & may Allah bless you. Thank you too... Nora!

Packed & ready to go ...