Saturday, December 25, 2010

Struggling to get our internet up!

We have been without our internet for weeks... our modem got busted during the recent thunderstorm and we had been complaining this to TM. As usual they were damp slow in rectifying the problem. Only after more than 18 days it's up and running again. As usual the list of cakes & cupcakes have grown too long and the worse thing is we can't remember which cake belongs to who? Anyway will put in whatever we remember and if the names are incorrect please (my dear customers) tell us, we will correct them....

The first entry is from Ms Riza (our very-very regular customer) for her sister's BD.  This came in as a set of cupcakes and a minicake.

Second was an order from Ms Norazila. She had requested for cupcakes with BUGS as its main theme! It was for her hubby. We really enjoyed this one as it has that "cheerful & colorful feel" into it. The Malay word for it is MERIAH! Thanks Norazila.

Thirdly was from Ms Sofia. She prefered BLUE & WHITE, anything blue goes! It was meant for a wedding gift. Thanks Sofia and here goes ...

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