Saturday, November 27, 2010

ONE Bestday for AELIN

AELIN is celebrating her one year old birthday today 27th Nov. with a One Birthday Cake with Powerpuff Girls' theme and a set of cupcakes. Her sister SHASHA had tagged along with some cuppies too just to lively-up the whole celebration. Thanks to her mother Ms.Syazmin  for ordering these sets of cupcakes and the One Cake. Hope you like them.


  1. Dear Pn Yati, we definately will come and order again. Relatives, friends and other guest complimented it was a delicious cake and cuppies. We even distribute the cuppies to our friends who didn't managed to come and they just love it. Thanks for the nice deco plus a yummy cake n cuppies :) -Syazmin-

  2. cantiknyer kek yg bernombor '1' tu...boleh x bgtau berapa harganya?