Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wedding Tribute - Juliana & Termizi

Juliana, the Bride, is the daughter of our dearest & closest neighbor Hj Alimon & Pn Hjjh Saodah. Their wedding took place on Nov 22nd and was celebrated in accordance to the Islamic rituals & Malay customs.

Congratulation to you both Juliana & Termizi, the Bridegroom. May Allah blessed you both with eternal happiness.

For this special occasions we have specially baked fondant cakes & cupcakes as wedding gift (hantaran) for them and also the 3 tiers cake & cupcakes on the day of the occasion.

The 3 tiers cupcake as shown - unfortunately some of the cuppies were missing when we took this picture, must have been the kids that have been waiting to take a bite at them while everybody were busy with the two "King & Queen of the day" That's how tempting the cupcakes were to those prying eyes.... lol!

The use of rolling pins gave the fondant some distinct look we wish to get.

How joyful these newly weds were while enjoying their cuppies together ... one happy, memorable moments!

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