Monday, June 28, 2010

What a Hectic Weekend

After a long vacation "balek kampong" we are now back to entertain request for 3 cakes, cuppies over the weekend.

Pn Xuhara requested a full package of Mickey Mouse cakes and cupcakes. The design is based on modern with simple design concept. We didn't spend much time on the detailing part as it was supposed to be simple. So we only focused on the mickey outline. Simple as it was, we hope Pn Xuhara likes this modern approached for her daughter's one year old Birthday Cake. Thank you "daun keladi".

And here is cute little Alissa with her birthday cake... Happy birthday to you Alissa.

Another special request comes from Mr Akhmal & his wife. This is an engagement gift set with a minicake & cupcakes baked and designed in full fondant. Hope you like them, thanks Akhmal!

Last but not least, was an order from Pn Suraya. She requested a full fondant cake as a engagement gift where she personally requested her "taste of design" that we obliged. Thank you puan for your order.

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